Domestic Monet Transfer 

So Go Multi World provides the service orinted software for the peoples to feel friendly & easy to access the IT Knowledge & Helps in developing their business at National level. The Money Transfer which designed for market friendly nature & works on the following things. 

Domestic Money Transfer Service (DMTS) with IMPS technology is one of the most demanding services today in India. Become DMTS agent/retailer to remit money in behalf of your customers. Most of the people are still not connected with bank. The density of banks in rural or semi urban area is still very low. If a person goes to the bank for depositing/transferring fund to his friend/family/else, he has to spend long time and need to wait in queue. This is why people prefer to visit DMTS agent/retailer for fund transfer. Make your own money transfer website. 


Best features (For Customers):


1- Instant Fund Transfer: IMPS technology enables instant fund transfer to any bank anytime (24×7) including Sunday or bank holidays.

2 - No Documents: No documents require (Identity proof or Address proof) for opening account or transferring fund. You just need a mobile number for registration and authentication.

3 - Easy & Convenient: You just need to reach any nearest retailer instead of searching or waiting for queue. Retailers can assist for transfer fund instantly to the beneficiary.

4 - Save your time: You can approach your retailer as per your convenience or call him for assistance. You can save your precious time and not to wonder for searching bank.